Monday, August 13, 2012

JOKER again...

This was a Joker commission I did for Mike Heddle, the guy who runs the Canadian Joe Con. It was an incredibly well run show. I had a grate time and was really grateful that they'd consider bringing me up to meet all the Joe fans and hang out for the weekend.

I believe next year they are planning on doing the con a little earlier in the summer, probably in June. So if you can make it, I highly suggest going!

I've only drawn the Joker a few times, and it's definitely a work in progress. The more I draw him the more comfortable I get doing it, but he has such a distinct look. It's a tough balance to make him look so exaggerated, but not silly. You still have to make him look psychotic and threatening, but almost in a non threatening way. It's weird. Still, he's a very fun and challenging character to draw.

It also marks my 400th consecutive post!!! man, I didn't intend to keep this going after my year long challenge was done back in July, but it's kind of worked out that way. I tend to take breaks due to cons or my tight deadlines occassionally, but then I do enough sketches, warm ups and commissions to catch back up.

My plan is to finish all the commissions I have due to people on my list and any left over convention or pre-order sketches. As soon as those are done I'll get back to my themes. My first theme I'll do will be a full month of He-Man and the Master of the Universe! But like I said that will be just a little bit longer while I catch up.

Joker Commission - 400

Click to see it larger! If you right click and "Save image as", 
you can see it even larger than it allows through the blog. 

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