Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Joker iPhone case...

Occasionally someone will ask me to do a drawing on an object instead of paper. It's always a challenge, but usually fun to do. It's intimidating, because unlike paper, you can rarely erase your mistakes. There's also the "unknown" factor to whether or not your pen will stay on the surface and not smudge, or will it show up, or fade. You just never know.

I've used LOTS of various brands of pens and I have a pretty good idea of which are best for a smooth paper surface, a rough textured surface or even a high gloss surface. Some ink simply wont attach itself to the high gloss. I have one set of pens I just got that actually sits on that glossy surface well, but it takes a while to dry.

In this case I got to draw the Joker on an iPhone case that was incredibly smooth and glossy. I forgot to take a picture of it, but thanks to Facebook, it popped up and I can show it off here.

I was afraid the lines might smudge a little, hopefully it's dried enough now that there wont be any more smudging.

JOKER - iPhone case - 394

Just a heads up if you ever get a sketch like this, I'd get a spray fixitive or a spray varnish to clear coat it and set the inks. Otherwise eventually this will all rub off handling it so much. OR get the drawing done on a matte surface kind of case and give the artist fine sharpies to use to make sure it's permanent ink. 

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