Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lady Jaye....Woman of Action!

I'll never get tired of drawing this character. Mostly because she's my favorite female GI JOE, but also because I never got to draw her in my run on the book. So any chance I get to do a con sketch or commission of her, I really enjoy it. I think she's my kids favorite GI JOE as well, which makes it even better. I finally got my hands on the 25th anniversary Lady Jaye figure at the Canadian Joe Con this last weekend. Not that she's terribly hard to find, but I realized we didnt have her as a toy and the kids kept asking for it. Luckily near the end of the con I had time to get up and start asking dealers if they had one. After a few, I came across someone who just got one in trade and was willing to sell it as they were packing up. SCORE!

Like the recent Scarlett drawing, I was just going for dynamics and action on this one. She's known for her javelin throwing abilities.

 At Joe Con last year I asked Hasbro why we weren't using Lady Jaye in the comics. I was told that considering her specialty is throwing spears at people, that doesn't exactly translate to modern warfare. I think if you can throw exploding spears....then that might still be practical, but maybe she could work on her other skills too.

At the same time, if you think of the cartoon, she's surrounded by guys shooting LASER RIFLES! So you think she wouldn't have a chance throwing glorified sticks at the enemy. But considering no one in GI Joe or Cobra was able to actually hit someone with that laser, I guarantee Lady Jaye took out more dudes with her javelin nets or exploding spears.

Just sayin'....
Lady Jaye - 398

I also think she was my favorite because I grew up on GI Joe through the cartoon. In the comics Scarlett played a much larger role in the GI Joe stories, but in the cartoon Lady Jaye seemed to be the star. Actually, she had the most lines in the cartoon than any other character. So maybe that had something to do with my cartoon crush.

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  1. What's sad is that Hasbro apparently hasn't read her file card. According to that, she's essentially Sydney Bristow from Alias! (Covert operations with an emphasis on infiltration and disguise... with javelins...)

  2. Didn't I see her in the cobra civil war crossover in the Cobra book? I seem to remember her hanging with chameleon and the injured older joe chick, and then they caught steeper stealing a tank and had a CRAZY three girls vs one guy fight.

    1. Steeler, not steeper. Stupid autocorrect!

  3. My favorite too! Please continue to draw her often and kicking ass! So great!

    So spear throwing is lame...too bad her actual specialty is Intelligence and her file card describes her as a spy! The dumb cartoon gave her spears, not the toys or comics! Glad we will continue to get cool sharcters like Croc Master, Raptor, Crystal Ball and Chuckles! IDW hasn't had to take any C list characters and make them cool, right? Thanks Hasbro.

  4. I am the very happy owner of this piece, you did a fantastic Job Rob! Right down to the details on the dog tags! Ill be looking for a frame this week to put on my wall! Can't wait to get my other pieces!

  5. I know who I'll ask for if I ever get a chance to get another piece from you. I really like this one!