Thursday, August 9, 2012

Range Viper = Creepy

Another one down for my list of specialized Cobra Vipers to draw. This was a sketch for the Canadian Joe con that I did this last weekend. These guys are just plain creepy. Anyone who would want to wear that helmet has some psychological issues....just sayin'

Cobra Range Viper - 396

If you're familiar with the Range viper's file card, they seem like pretty intense dudes. Here's a like to their profile on!
I dont know if they've had much of a presence in the comic. Maybe I'm just not thinking of when it was. Anyone know when/if they had a story about the in the Marvel run? If not, IDW should really spotlight these guys. That would be an awesome story following a unit of these guys on a mission!

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  1. I'm thinking these guys are from towards the end of the Marvel run, when Wildman was drawing? Not really my era, but that helmet alone is pretty intense!