Friday, August 10, 2012

Recondo...and the Mustache Brigade!

I always like this guy in GI JOE, and I gotta be honest, it was mostly because of his hat and mustache. I wish I had a more insightful reason for liking the character...but dang, that's an awesome mustache.

I remember when I first had the chance to draw him in the book, there was a small strike team of Stalker, Recondo and Leatherneck in the Philippines. It was like the Mustache Brigade for the whole issue. I probably find it even more impressive because it takes me 3 weeks to grow a mustache that only 15 year old envy.

Recondo - 397 

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  2. I always thought he was an older dude who had spent tons of time in other countries and had adopted some of their looks and styles to fit in. Regardless, as long as he continues to be a bad ass, he can look however he wants!