Sunday, August 12, 2012

Snow Job Strikes again....

Here is officially the 3rd Snow job I've ever drawn. This was for Gary Godsoe, one of the members of the "What's On Joe Mind" Podcast. I love this show! Its really a fantastic presentation of all the GI Joe news you could want. They keep you up to date on all the toy releases with reviews and commentary, they have tracked news from the upcoming movie, and conventions across the country. They've also been gracious enough to talk about my artwork from time to time, and I've really appreciated it.

So this was Gary's commission request for the Canadian Joe Con I just got back from. I don't typically go this detailed on my smaller con sketches, but 1. it's Snow Job  and 2. It was for Gary. So that pretty much demanded a good amount of time devoted to the commission.

Snow Job - 399

IDW did a great one-shot comic on Snow Job, I think it's been put in one of the collected trades. But I'm not sure which. I'll have to ask about that. But I have the issue, and if you can find it' I highly recommed it. Also Devils' Due Publishing did a Special Missions:Antarctica that I was the inker on. That was a great single issue story that spotlighted all the Snow Joes. 

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  1. These last four posts are 1000% PURE WIN!!!

  2. Holy moly! That's unbelievable!!