Thursday, August 2, 2012

Snow Job...

Here is another little section of this monster cover. Snow Job is an awesome character, if anyone can bring it up with Gary Godsoe over at the What's on Joe Mind? Podcast. I've only had the chance to draw SnowJob 1 6 Years 1 time! It's ludicrous!  And that was because I got to pick and choose with Joes made the covers for the Special Missions trade collections that IDW published. Those covers were really a "who's who" of the Joes I wanted to draw in the main title but never had a chance to.

I'll be seeing Gary this weekend up in Toronto for the Canadian Joe Con, and I've got a Snow Job convention sketch for him, which technically makes that my 3rd Snow Job drawing. But on this cover, again I got to pick and choose who made the cut. And in my mind, it wouldn't be a proper GI JOE montage cover without Snow Job sniping some Snow Vipers!

Snow Job - GI JOE Cover sneak peek - 389

This is a pretty zoomed in shot. Again, like that last sneak peek, this is only about 3 inches across. I would have loved to have made it a Snow Job solo cover....but only Gary would have been happy about that. 

I can't wait to show this whole 3 page spread wrap around cover that will be on the #18 issues of the
 GI JOE, Cobra and Snake Eyes books in October. Not sure when I'll get to show the whole image, but I don't think I'm giving too much away with these tiny vignettes. 

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