Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stan "the Man" Lee....

This was a very fun commission to work on. I don't normally like to do any kind of caricature or likeness in my art. I just don't find it enjoyable, but man Stan Lee is such a caricature himself, you just can't miss.

Jason, the guy who commissioned this, is going to meet Stan Lee this weekend at the Chicago Convention and wanted something special for Stan to sign. I left the word balloon blank on the original, so Stan can write in his patented "Excelsior!" and sign it. It was a lot of fun talking with my son about Stan Lee as I was drawing this. He asked who it was, and I said don't you recognize him from the "Marvel Action Hour" cartoons. (Iron man and Fantastic Four cartoons from the 90's had Stan introduce each show in person!)

And my son knew immediately who it was. I said Stan helped create all of these superheroes, and started listing off the classic characters that my son loves. He couldn't believe that one guy had a part in creating all of them, and he said"*sigh* I love that guy"

So there you have it folks, Stan Lee, capturing the hearts of 6 year olds everywhere!

Stan Lee - 388


  1. hey man can you send me the hi res line art?
    id love to color them!

  2. I think this is my favorite commission of yours I've ever seen. It's. Just. So. Awesome! You should do more comic book creator pieces like this!

  3. I loved this piece so much I just had to color it. See it here. What do you think, Mr. Atkins???

  4. I wish I could see Stan's face when he signs this!