Saturday, September 8, 2012


I've been to a few conventions lately and with all the character sketches I've done, I finally have some more content for my blog. Mostly I've been doing work for companies and publishers that I can't show yet, so it's been difficult creating new work to spotlight here.

But luckily this should keep me posting regularly these next couple of weeks.

So first up is the GI Joe character Airtight.  You might be asking, "Who the heck is Airtight?....and why is his gun a vacuum?"

Both are valid questions. Airtight is the GI JOE member responsible for Hazardous materials, their inspection and cleanup. Maybe not the most useful GI Joe. Of course going into combat situations, you're going to want Snake Eyes or Stalker on your team. But if you come across hazardous waste, neither of those dudes are going to be of much use. I don't think Chemical Spill cleanup is a Ninja ability. So then Airtight's your man!

...and I don't know why his gun is a vacuum...

Airtight - 425

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  1. I always enjoy seeing your take on some of the lower tier characters! Yes Snake Eyes and Scarlett are cool, but the occasional Airtight, Flash, Crank Case or Quick Kick are just as fun!

  2. Ah, Airtight. The best thing about him was his File Card.

  3. Not a vacuum! It is the latest fogging decontamination machine. Just coming onto the market now, of course the Joes had all the cool toys 30 years ago.