Friday, September 14, 2012

Ole' Spaghetti claws...

Another sketch cover, but this was just for a head and shoulders sketch. Good ole' Wolverine. Always fun to draw, and I really dig his newest costume (though it's been around for 5 years or so) It's a great variation of the traditional blue and yellow. His claws are a little wavy here because my wand scanner I take with me at shows got a little wiggly when it was running down the book cover. 

Sometimes people will put the book in a bag and board (typical comic protective sleeves) but cut out a window on the front of the sleeve that I can draw on, while protecting the rest of the book. I just kept the book in the sleeve to scan it since they took the time to cut and tape the edges. But while the scanner was running down the taped window it got all screwy. No big deal, but it explains the "spaghetti claws"

Spaghetti Clawed Wolverine - 431

These take about 45 min or so to pencil and ink. They are roughly a 5x7 drawing.

Also, just FYI, I posted my conventions for next year on the left of the blog. Those are links to the convention sites if you need dates or information. I could be adding a few to that list if I can fit it in. 

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  1. Very cool. I never realized the potential and practicality of a scanner wand.

  2. Oh man I live by that thing. The best $80 I've spent. It allows me to fill my sketchbooks with the commissions I do on the road. And also share them here on the blog!

  3. Thanks again robert for the sketch and mentioning my bag and board cut out haha.