Sunday, September 9, 2012


This was a commission from the New York Comic Con that I recently got back from! Man that was a crazy convention. LOADS of people came out for the show. It sold out completely each day, and I heard tickets were going up on eBay and scalped outside for up to $500. It's definitely the next San Diego Comic Con but on the east coast. The other great thing was it was almost completely about comics. There weren't major movie studios or video game companies set up. It was all about the comics medium.

Artist's Alley, where the artists have tables to display their work, was in a completely different hall. So you had to walk down a few different hallways to get there. At first I was worried that being so far away from the main hall, it would reduce traffic in AA. But I think after an hour or two each day, attendees got so tired of being crammed into an enormous room and not being able to move, they headed over to AA and it was great! We had a large space, well lit and it was definitely quieter than the show room. Which helps with the drawing environment.

Thank to all the Joe Fans especially for coming by the table and saying Hey! Also thanks for buying stuff. It's a very expensive show to go and set up to display your work. And by expensive, I mean over $1500 just to be there for a weekend. So when fans come and buy a sketchbook or commission a wife really appreciates it!

Speaking of commissions, here is a Baroness sketch that I did for Jackie Tam. He's supported my work for quite a while now, and I've finally had a chance to do a drawing for him. I tried to do as many commissions as I could this last weekend, but even staying up to 4-5 am each night, I could only do so many. I'm glad he was able to get his sketch at the show!

Baroness - 426

Also, I had the awesome chance to visit with the fine people that own and operate my favorite online comic dealer...INSTOCK TRADES.

I know this sounds like a plug for their business...well that's because it is. BUT it's a sincere endorsement! Their product literally lines the walls of my studios on more bookshelves than I care to admit. But it's so easy to indulge since they have such fantastic discounts. 

I also realized that they still have my 2009 sketchbook INSTOCK! 

I'm completely sold out of that limited run of books. But they have a few left. Just follow this link to get the book I put out right as I was starting GI JOE.

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  2. Hey Robert. It was awesome finally getting the chance to meet you. I absolutely adore the Baroness commission I got from you. It's definitely one of my prize possessions from NYCC this year.

    Please definitely try to come back to NYCC next year. I'll make you a deal, Robert: You continue to do excellent work, I will continue to support you. Thanks again.

    Again, NYCC 2013: Think about it!