Sunday, September 2, 2012

GI JOE #17 cover inks...

I realized I didn't scan in what I had for my pencils, but I think that was because I went straight to inks on this cover. I was really under the gun on this and had to turn it out quickly due to my schedule. But even so I added a few characters down at the bottom. I previewed that little section earlier on my blog. In my layout I didnt have Rock n' Roll or Tunnel Rat, but both were characters that I wanted to draw and I was able to squeeze them in by putting Gung Ho at the top of that demolished wall.

For this cover, IDW gave me complete free reign to do whatever and include whomever I wanted. The only stipulation of course that they be IDW versions of the characters, which I'm totally fine with. I've had the chance to design the majority of the people on these covers, so it was a great way for me to wrap up the last 4 years of my work on the book.

That's not to say I'm not doing anything with GI Joe anymore. In fact I still have some interior work to do and more covers coming. But I had just finished my last SE arc, and this cover was officially my 60th consecutive cover for the property.  So it seemed like a landmark and I wanted to acknowledge that in my career with this cool cover.

Other minor changes from the layout, I moved Chuckles (in the Hawaiin shirt) and Baroness to balance the image more. But other than that and the character additions, this cover stayed basically the same. The other two coming had more changes.

GI JOE #17 Cover inks - 419

The label at the top says issue #18, but I just labeled it wrong all throughout the process. Not sure what I was thinking.

These kind of collage, "movie poster" covers are incredibly difficult to balance action, figure grouping and keeping it from looking too busy. I don't know that I did it particularly well here, but I tried to balance small figures and tight detailed spaced around larger objects and figures to give the image a chance to "breathe". 

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