Saturday, September 1, 2012

GI JOE Cover #17...

Okay, well I know it's been awhile since I posted. It's just because of the amount of deadline work I'm doing at the moment. I've gotten a few projects done and out of the way. So I have just a bit of breathing room before starting my next big project.

I'm excited to show the work I'm doing, but I'm under certain non-disclosure agreements on most of it. So I have to keep it under wraps until the product hits the shelves or the project goes public.

For example, this cover to GI JOE for the IDW comics I was working on back in early Aug. and finally the books have started coming out, so now I can show this enormous cover.

This combination of three covers joined together took about a week to pencil and ink. I'll post up process shots along the way and some commentary on the choices I made. So first up here is my layout for this piece. Just about 50 characters and over a dozen vehicles...I've been wanting to do a cover like this for years!

GI JOE #17 Cover layouts - 418

This was my first layout, I made changes in the final.

 Here is a labeled version I provided for my editors. 

I'll post more up. I don't think I can show a finished version of the 3rd section yet. So I'll go into detail on the first two parts.

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  1. So do you get to keep the final copy, or does IDW own it? This would make one killer print that you could sell........hint hint ��

    1. Yeah IDW owns the image to use as per their licensing agreement with Hasbro. If I make prints, it would just be for conventions or promotional materials. I'll let you know when that happens.

  2. Damn you IDW for making me buy three issues of the same comic, lol. Would have liked to have seen Clutch but at least the V.A.M.P. is there. I'll pretend he's in it.

  3. Well actually these will be the covers to GI JOE, Snake Eyes and Cobra, so it's not the same comic. just fyi, sorry I should have explained in the post.

    1. Ah even better. Thanks for the clarification.