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GI JOE: Snake Eyes 17 Cover inks part 3 of 3...

Now here is the 3rd part of this massive cover. I figured this would be put on the Snake Eyes issue obviously with him and Storm Shadow fighting. This cover probably went through the most revisions as far as things changed or added. I made the changes myself, and it came about because I wanted to add more characters.

In the bottom left instead of the Arashikage symbol, I added Mutt and Junk Yard, Dusty, Hot Sauce (I'll talk about him in a moment) and Hit and Run (Thats for Justin at General's Joes.com)

However adding these characters in the bottom right, all of a sudden the rush of GI JOE vehicles headed in that direction didn't make sense. I never meant for those two pockets of the illustration to interact, but it was hard to not think it was intentional. So I switched out the beloved Vamp, Wolverine and Mobat for the ground Cobra Stinger and Stun vehicles. I put some flight pod Trouble Bubbles and GI Joe Dragon Fly helicopters in an air battle above.

I was sad to see the Joe vehicles go, because those are some of my favorites, but replacing it with other vehicles is a great consolation. (Sorry Clutch didn't make it Dan.)

GI JOE: Snake Eyes 17 Cover inks - 421

Real quick, you hard core Joe fans might be asking "why Hit and Run?" and "if you're going to add Hit n'Run, why just a tiny picture of his head?" Well, mostly it was entrapment of sorts. I had drawn in Snow Job on the previous cover as a shout out to Gary Godsoe from the "What's on Joe Mind?" podcast. Snow Job's his favorite character. Justin, a co-host on the podcast and runner of the website General's Joes.com went and threw down the gauntlet on Twitter. He said if I didn't include Hit n'Run on this massive cover then he'd never spotlight my art on his highly Joe-fan trafficked website. I caved...but he asked (forced) me to include this character literally the night before I was turning it in, and a tiny headshot was all I could work into a cover that was already inked. 

So Justin...Take what you can get and this had better be on your front page for a week!

Okay, so Hot Sauce is a collaborative GI JOE character created by Elvin Hernadez and Enrique Rivera, with some input from myself and Bryan Tillman. It all started with Elvin and Enrique complaining about a lack of Puerto Rican representation in the GI JOE ranks. Very long story short we came up with a new GI Joe character called Hot Sauce and ever since issue #3 of IDW's run 3 years ago I've been sneaking him into the backgrounds. 

Cleaning up debris in the background, crowd scenes in the cafeteria, in photos with BBQ hanging on the wall, even in the crowd on the cover of GI JOE v2. #6, he's shown up completely under the radar.  I brought this up with Chuck Dixon last year at MegaCon and he seemed to really like the idea of using this character as a go to guy for the Joe team. As of issue 15 he was officially canonized, and so now completely unclassified we know who this mystery Joe is. 

Here's Enrique's initial design and a few pages of Hot Sauce.

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  1. Lol I wish I had enough pull to get my favourite characters on the cover. I would totally abuse that, lol.