Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hero Jam Commission....

This commission was one I was supposed to do for the Cincinnati Comic Expo. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the show. So for anyone that I needed to have a sketch done at that show, I've been trying to fit those into my schedule. 

In this case I was commissioned to a layout for 8 characters: Captain America, Wonder Woman, Batman, Hulk, Thor, Superman, Green Lantern and Iron Man. I was really excited to do it, but had to think through how such an all star cast would work out. I did this initial prelim and was given the choice who I wanted to draw. Captain America is my favorite character, so if it's up to me, he's up front and I'm drawing him. 

Hero Jam - 432

After the prelim was approved I moved on to an underdrawing layout for my pencils. This was full size. For all the characters I wasn't drawing, this is as far as I would detail them. Other artists were going to be asked to contribute and they could make whatever adjustments and details they needed. I didnt want to put too much in there an affect how they would approach it.

I'll post my inks of Captain America soon, and then after that the full commission with contributions from these awesome artists: 
Lee Weeks:  Thor
Jorge Molina:  Superman
Michael Golden:  Hulk
Humberto Ramos:  Wonder Woman
Mike McKone:  Green Lantern
Alan Davis:  Iron Man

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  1. I really like the balance of this layout! Nicely done!