Thursday, September 13, 2012

Iron Man colors....

I completely forgot to scan this as colors while at the show. I really wish I had, but the guy who requested the sketch took a photo at least. After it's sealed, I'm sure I'll get a better scan, and I'll post that. He is getting the comic graded. That means it will be incased in plastic  or a "comic slab" to keep it's condition preserved and then authenticated. It's a great new collector's market that has grown in comics in recent years.

The only draw back is if you open the case, then you would need to pay to have it graded and resealed.  So some argue that it takes away from the enjoyment of the comic. I think that this new sketch cover idea is a fantastic alternative. You can always buy the regular copy off the shelf and read it whenever. Then get a blank version, if it's offered, and have your favorite artists create a completely original cover to your comic. It becomes a one of a kind, and can often become incredibly valuable. It's value will depend on how good the condition of the book is, (on a scale of 1-10), the artist who does the sketch, the quality of the sketch, and finally the rarity of the book.

In the case of the guy who got this Iron Man from me, this has become his new collector's hobby and he has at least dozens of graded sketch covers. At first I abhorred doing these, but that was early on when the cover stock to draw on was glossy and terrible. But publishers (specifically Marvel and recently DC) have picked a great card stock cover to draw on, and apparently to color marker on as well!

For this sketch I was specifically asked to recreate the look of the animated Iron Man dvd cover, which has a head shot of Iron Man on it. So I did my best.

Iron Man Colors - 430

My first colored sketch cover.

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  1. Man! Awesome colors--really brings this piece to life! You really nailed the metalic look as well--there's a trend in model painting that has become more an more popular over the years where hobbyists paint a figure--say a knight or something--without using metalic paints but making it look like they did through shading and layering of non-metalic paints. It's tough because you have to make a non-reflective surface look like it's refelcting the light around it using the colors themselves. When it's done right it looks amazing. This piece has that as well. I feel like Iron Man is actually staring back at me through the screen!