Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Iron Man...

This was going to be my first colored commission on a sketch cover for the blank comics. I wasn't sure how well it would take the markers, but I had seen some pretty amazing color pieces on books before. There are much better colorists out there than me, and they seemed to not have a problem with it.

So I started with the line art. I had a french curve (basically a ruler for curved edges) that I used for the longer lines. Keeping Iron Man's noggin' symmetrical was the hardest part. It's not exact, but I'm not a computer either. Most of it was free hand since the lines weren't that long.

An interesting fact about comic art, if the line is within the range of motion in your wrist, then I'll rarely use a ruler or stencil to get a straight or exactly curved line. It increases speed to not have to grab a ruler everytime, and also gives a bit of "character" to your lines. However, when it comes to cars, weapons or other manufactured items that need to look exact, it's best to break out the ruler. If not, your M4 automatic rifle will look like a play-do version of the gun. But most buildings, especially in the far background don't need an exactly straight line.

A lot of inkers I know will use the penciler's ruled out straight lines as a guide, and just freehand them in the inking stage. Again, it gives more character to the line, and every little bit helps keep your drawing from looking too stiff.

Now, after saying all that...this looks pretty stiff. Mostly this is because I haven't done any rendering to indicate light and shadow. I know I'll be doing that in the color stage.

Iron Man Head - 429

I'll post a photo of the colors shortly....

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