Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This Venom sketch was for a guy named Erik at the NYCC. It was part of a larger jam piece, that was 17x22. I did the layout for a Spiderman in the center all beat up, and the commission was going to be of all the various versions of Venom about to finish Spidey off. I did my layout, then Erik quickly ran back by my table and asked for the commission back. Mark Bagley had an open slot in his schedule, so the piece was whisked away. It came back with an awesome Venom just above the one I had started.

Apparently, the line up for this commission was going to be Mark Bagley, Steve McNivven, Jim Cheung, then me. I found this out after I did mine. But hey, you do what you can.

So here's the version of Marc Gargan's Venom.

Venom - 428

I usually try to push my figures to make them more dynamic. However, when you're constrained by a jam piece that's not fully laid out, it can actually ruin the over all piece if you make your figure too large or over emphasize it. ....well that's going to be my excuse when these other artists blow me out of the water with their Venom's. oy.

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