Friday, November 30, 2012

Stingray Inks...

 I was planning on inking this myself but I've been so pressed for time lately, I got my friend Juan Castro to ink this for me. Juan has inked the Snake Eyes series that I penciled along with many other books.

I left this a little more loose in the pencils that I typically do when I know someone else would be inking it, but he did a fantastic job finishing the piece!

Again this will be on the cover to the Eaglemoss Marvel Collectibles Magazine this Jan. I believe. I'll post the colors by Simon Gough tomorrow!
Stingray Inks - 438

Inks by Juan Castro

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Thursday, November 29, 2012


I had an interesting request from the Marvel Collectibles magazine published out of the UK by the Eaglemoss compnay. They had seen a commission I had drawn in the past of Stingray (a reserve member of the Avengers)

What I had drawn was just a convention sketch, but they liked it enough that they wanted me to recreate it with a more complete background for a cover to their magazine. Over the next few posts I'll show the process.

Stingray Pencils - 437

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter Soldier

Just a quick post, I have a few things I can show off, either from conventions or recent commissions. Work hasn't slowed down to regular just yet, but enough that I can fit in a few blog posts finally.

Here is a Winter Soldier sketch on a blank that I did at the NY comic con this last Oct.

 Winter Soldier - 436

For those who might not know, the Winter Soldier is Bucky Barnes. Captain America's sidekick from WWII. He was thought KIA, and was one of the longest running characters to be killed in a comic but not to have come back to life. Sure enough a few years back he reemerged as the Winter Soldier, brainwashed and trained by the Soviet Union to be an assassin for decades, he was finally recovered and once again would fight alongside Captain America. To make a long story longer, when Captain America died a few years ago after the Civil War storyline, Bucky took up the mantle of Captain America for a couple of years. Now in a recent story arc called Fear Itself, Steve Rogers is alive again as Captain America, but Bucky was killed....again.

I'll keep you all updated when he comes back to life.

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