Friday, November 30, 2012

Stingray Inks...

 I was planning on inking this myself but I've been so pressed for time lately, I got my friend Juan Castro to ink this for me. Juan has inked the Snake Eyes series that I penciled along with many other books.

I left this a little more loose in the pencils that I typically do when I know someone else would be inking it, but he did a fantastic job finishing the piece!

Again this will be on the cover to the Eaglemoss Marvel Collectibles Magazine this Jan. I believe. I'll post the colors by Simon Gough tomorrow!
Stingray Inks - 438

Inks by Juan Castro

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  1. Is this for sale? Stingray is one of my favorites. The other being Black Knight which you did an awesome job on btw.

    1. inks are on sale here, at 40% off from now till friday!