Thursday, December 13, 2012

Character creation...

When I was a kid, my brothers and I would sped hours coming up with superhero characters. We'd draw them out, write up the bios and then act out the adventures. Now, for the most part they were all terrible amalgamations of established characters. I can't think of one original character that wasn't laughable.

But it was still a blast to do! I wanted to do that with my kids, and my nieces and nephews at our next family get together. The last time I had seen my nephews they were doing this already, and I've spent time creating characters with my son recently as well, so it seemed like a great thing to do around Christmas.

I think I've shared these on the blog before, but years ago I created these figure templates that I use for my elementary school presentations I do throughout the year. I have the students create characters, and use this template to draw their character on. It helps them feel like they don't need to be fantastic artists, just creative. I get some pretty awesome characters shown to me each time.


Feel free to print these out and use to create your own characters!

So I took these over and sat down with each kid in the family that wanted to, and we came up with some pretty amazing characters and designs. Mostly these were characters they had already come up with, and I just helped them work out the design and look of the character they had in their head.

Character Creation - 450

My nephew Cai's character - Blackout
Lots of cool weapons and a very interesting power. He designed the logo on the should guard himself, which I really liked in particular!

My niece Lilly's character - Goonga (she's 6 btw)
He's part cyborg but all evil! When she was describing the character to me, I thought she meant the human side was good, but the cyborg side was programed for evil. I thought that was an awesome idea, but I was just misunderstanding...He's all evil. That works too, heh.
This was fun working out the cyborg details. I'd like to draw a character like this on a regular basis.

This was my nephew Benjamin's character - I forget the name, I'll have to ask
Ex- Military, but an artist as well. Whatever he draws, he can make come to life. All around cool dude...

My son Connor's character - I forget her name as well. 
She started out just as a female ninja, but then he gave her powers like the Atom in DC or the Wasp in Marvel comics where she can reduce her size to incredibly small... I'm sure as a ninja that would be handy sneaking around and making it look like she can disappear.
I just like drawing ninjas...

My nephew Tyler just wanted a picture of Spider-man
Can't knock a good thing!

Tyler's went much quicker since he wasn't coming up with a character so I had time to color his with some markers. Super quick sketch.

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