Saturday, December 8, 2012

Firestar sketch NYCC...

Here was a sketch that I had drawn for Jeremy Dale's wife, Kelly. She has an awesome little sketchbook full of Firestar sketches from some pretty amazing artists. Whenever you see a sketchbook like that, it's hard not to go the extra mile and try to prove yourself. Especially if you're relatively unknown. When you're at the upper echelon rubbing shoulders with Adam Hughes or J. Scott Campbell, then you can get away with a quick face profile sketch that takes you 2 min. and anyone is happy with that.

 If I tried that...please, I don't even want to think about the judgement that would abound. Being such a huge fan of Jeremy's work, I was more than happy to do a sketch for his very nice wife when she asked. Plus my son is a huge fan of the early 80's Spiderman and his Amazing Friends cartoon and Firestar is one of his favorites as well. So I knew if I did a sketch and printed it off to hang on his wall, I'd get extra points there.

The downside was I only got a quick picture taken of this with my phone, so I had to clean it up a lot, and the resolution was pretty cruddy. But at least I have it to show now.

Firestar - 445

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EDIT: I seriously dont know what I was thinking when I posted this initial blog post calling this character "Fire BIRD"??? Anyway, I know it's Firestar, all I can say is that I'm sleep deprived. That's it.

Thanks to Shane for letting me know, and for not making fun of me toooo much. heh. sigh indeed.

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  1. Did she have a name change? I thought her name was Firestar. Firebird is Chic from Kandor Nightwing and Firebird or is that one flamebird?

    1. You are TOTALLY right, and I'm TOTALLY Lame! heh. I just had a brain fart at 2 am. that's all I can account for it. Thanks for the heads up though.

  2. I always have your back! I KNOW you know the character, I was really surprised how consistent you were with the swapped name! Great piece for Kelly, by the way!