Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Iron Man...

A series of Iron Man sketches, this wasn't for a commission, it was actually for a package art project. I can't go into details about the project, but it was certainly fun to do and I got permission to show the artwork.

This first sketch only made it to the break down stage. I have this done in light pencils on 9x12. If you're interested in purchasing this piece I can do the inks on it to finish it for my normal sketch rate.

Iron Man - 442

Current Breakdowns on 9x12
 final inks done with purchase -
$75 email request 

This was a second option for the package art, which they chose to go with, just had a slight adjustment for the final.

Moving the right arm forward for a double-handed repulsor blast for the final piece. This is the sketch that was chosen.

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