Friday, December 14, 2012


Here is one of my smaller convention size sketches. I'm working hard to get caught up on all my commissions on top of my regular work load, so I really do appreciate how patient people have been. Luckily my work is now finally more regular and predictable, so I finally have time to start slotting these in and catching up. I really wanted to make sure I have all my sketches and commissions done before the new convention season starts up.

So if anyone checking out the blog has a commission with me, I'll be wrapping them all up between now and March at the absolute latest! You can email me directly if you need more details. With just one book to do a month, I can get back to my daily warm ups. When I was juggling 2-3 projects at once, I had to set aside my daily sketches and fit in the other deadline work. I realized I just reached my limit and it ended up not being worth taking on so much work.

This Superman sketch was fun to do, I feel like I've never really been able to draw a decent Superman, and I'm finally happy with one that I've finished. I think the request was a head shot of Superman smiling. With most of my commissions, if I'm over due in getting them done I try to spend more time on them and put the extra work in to make up for it a bit.

Superman - 451

Original art- Ink-  9x12

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