Tuesday, December 18, 2012

TMNT Leo Vs. The Foot- Inks part 1....

Here's just a quick progress scan. Leo all inked in. I'll be making the Foot mostly heavy blacks, so I wanted to keep Leo pretty open in the line work to make him stand out more. 

Always fun drawing the Turtles!!!

Leo Vs. The Foot - Inks part 1 - 455

There's always an interesting anatomy challenge when drawing the Turtles. How humanoid to make them look in the anatomy? Some take it to extremes and go more toward the turtle direction. I've always approached it more that if you want them to really look like mutants, then you should push it more towards human anatomy. Just very stocky, and then the obvious differences in the hands, feet and head. But under the shell, These guys would follow basic human anatomy. That's what makes them so weird, and capable in their martial arts. It's their denseness and durability that makes them so tough to beat as well. Not to mention the obvious protection of their shells from rear and vital front attacks. 

I'm sure I'm thinking about it too much, but that's what makes my job so fun!

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