Wednesday, December 19, 2012

TMNT Leo vs the Foot Inks part 2.....

Little bit at a time, Ninja by Ninja, this finally got done this week. I didn't realize how many ninjas I had put on this cover until I was sitting there inking them one by one. I'd think I had them all...then POOF another Ninja would seem to appear.

Man, they really snuck up on me...

Anyway, the best part of doing these covers is getting to draw characters I love that I don't normally get the chance to draw. So much fun! I think this is one of my favorite blank covers so far.

TMNT Leo vs Foot - Inks - 456

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  1. hey robert i would like to color your tnmt cover you just posted my email is



  2. Heya Robert. Trinity Mathews here, and I wanted to take a crack at coloring the TMNT piece. My email address is

  3. I too would like a crack at coloring it as well, this is me and this is my email: