Thursday, December 20, 2012

Venom colors...

Here was a sketch cover I did at the New York Comic Con (NYCC) this last fall. I had the surprise of someone coloring it up as a warm up. Always cool to see.

Venom Colors - 457

Colors by miguel sequeira

Here was the original inks

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

TMNT Leo vs the Foot Inks part 2.....

Little bit at a time, Ninja by Ninja, this finally got done this week. I didn't realize how many ninjas I had put on this cover until I was sitting there inking them one by one. I'd think I had them all...then POOF another Ninja would seem to appear.

Man, they really snuck up on me...

Anyway, the best part of doing these covers is getting to draw characters I love that I don't normally get the chance to draw. So much fun! I think this is one of my favorite blank covers so far.

TMNT Leo vs Foot - Inks - 456

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

TMNT Leo Vs. The Foot- Inks part 1....

Here's just a quick progress scan. Leo all inked in. I'll be making the Foot mostly heavy blacks, so I wanted to keep Leo pretty open in the line work to make him stand out more. 

Always fun drawing the Turtles!!!

Leo Vs. The Foot - Inks part 1 - 455

There's always an interesting anatomy challenge when drawing the Turtles. How humanoid to make them look in the anatomy? Some take it to extremes and go more toward the turtle direction. I've always approached it more that if you want them to really look like mutants, then you should push it more towards human anatomy. Just very stocky, and then the obvious differences in the hands, feet and head. But under the shell, These guys would follow basic human anatomy. That's what makes them so weird, and capable in their martial arts. It's their denseness and durability that makes them so tough to beat as well. Not to mention the obvious protection of their shells from rear and vital front attacks. 

I'm sure I'm thinking about it too much, but that's what makes my job so fun!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

More TMNT goodness!...

Another blank sketch cover I have in my list of "To Do's".... Pretty busy one, but they asked for it, and when it comes to any 80's property I'm more than happy to oblige! Premise: Leonardo Vs. As many Foot Ninjas as I can fit on a cover...ready GO!

LEO Vs the FOOT Clan - 454

This is just the pencil underdrawing to work out the composition an details. Inks are coming right up!

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

EOT RuneStone Cover 2 Inks...

Finally got this done, I took a day and was working on it. Then we went out of town for our niece's 1st birthday and a few other things came up, so I was working on it a little at a time. I always hate doing work piece by piece. I much rather have a large chunk of time and just focus on the project until it's done.

Unfortunately for most side projects, it's hard for me to take 2-3 days out of my deadline schedule to do it that way.  I work it out as best as I can.

I realized it's been a while since I inked anything, especially with a brush. It took a little bit to get the rust off. But over all I'm happy with how the characters and backgrounds came out. I can't wait for this to be colored. All the wispy smoke is left over from Gar, the large character's transformation. Then Jenny has energy gauntlets that form over her body that she uses as armor and can send out blast shockwaves among other things. So there's a lot of opportunity to color up the powers and get nice reflected lights all around.

I'll be sure to post it as soon as it's done.

EOT RuneStone Cover inks #2 - 453

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Elders of the RuneStone Cover #2

Lately I've been finishing up deadlines on the Marvel Castle books. In between issues I'm squeezing in as many overdue side-projects and commissions as possible. One of those is the cover to RuneStone #2. This is a co-created series I've been a part of with writer Quinn Johnson (TMNT, Kung Fu Panda).

Ever since we were successfully funded through Kickstarter, we've been working away at the first 4 issue arc. Issue 2 is completely and will be made available very soon digitally through Artist Alley Comics You can go there now and get issue #0 for free, and the 36 page issue #1 for just $.99!

For this first arc, we're just looking to produce covers that spotlight the characters and their powers. Here is Gar (a.k.a Scott, the lead character) and Hardtap (a.k.a. Jenny, his best friend) For more info on the project you can check out these previous posts here on my blog.

EOT RuneStone Cover #2 layouts - 452

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Friday, December 14, 2012


Here is one of my smaller convention size sketches. I'm working hard to get caught up on all my commissions on top of my regular work load, so I really do appreciate how patient people have been. Luckily my work is now finally more regular and predictable, so I finally have time to start slotting these in and catching up. I really wanted to make sure I have all my sketches and commissions done before the new convention season starts up.

So if anyone checking out the blog has a commission with me, I'll be wrapping them all up between now and March at the absolute latest! You can email me directly if you need more details. With just one book to do a month, I can get back to my daily warm ups. When I was juggling 2-3 projects at once, I had to set aside my daily sketches and fit in the other deadline work. I realized I just reached my limit and it ended up not being worth taking on so much work.

This Superman sketch was fun to do, I feel like I've never really been able to draw a decent Superman, and I'm finally happy with one that I've finished. I think the request was a head shot of Superman smiling. With most of my commissions, if I'm over due in getting them done I try to spend more time on them and put the extra work in to make up for it a bit.

Superman - 451

Original art- Ink-  9x12

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Character creation...

When I was a kid, my brothers and I would sped hours coming up with superhero characters. We'd draw them out, write up the bios and then act out the adventures. Now, for the most part they were all terrible amalgamations of established characters. I can't think of one original character that wasn't laughable.

But it was still a blast to do! I wanted to do that with my kids, and my nieces and nephews at our next family get together. The last time I had seen my nephews they were doing this already, and I've spent time creating characters with my son recently as well, so it seemed like a great thing to do around Christmas.

I think I've shared these on the blog before, but years ago I created these figure templates that I use for my elementary school presentations I do throughout the year. I have the students create characters, and use this template to draw their character on. It helps them feel like they don't need to be fantastic artists, just creative. I get some pretty awesome characters shown to me each time.


Feel free to print these out and use to create your own characters!

So I took these over and sat down with each kid in the family that wanted to, and we came up with some pretty amazing characters and designs. Mostly these were characters they had already come up with, and I just helped them work out the design and look of the character they had in their head.

Character Creation - 450

My nephew Cai's character - Blackout
Lots of cool weapons and a very interesting power. He designed the logo on the should guard himself, which I really liked in particular!

My niece Lilly's character - Goonga (she's 6 btw)
He's part cyborg but all evil! When she was describing the character to me, I thought she meant the human side was good, but the cyborg side was programed for evil. I thought that was an awesome idea, but I was just misunderstanding...He's all evil. That works too, heh.
This was fun working out the cyborg details. I'd like to draw a character like this on a regular basis.

This was my nephew Benjamin's character - I forget the name, I'll have to ask
Ex- Military, but an artist as well. Whatever he draws, he can make come to life. All around cool dude...

My son Connor's character - I forget her name as well. 
She started out just as a female ninja, but then he gave her powers like the Atom in DC or the Wasp in Marvel comics where she can reduce her size to incredibly small... I'm sure as a ninja that would be handy sneaking around and making it look like she can disappear.
I just like drawing ninjas...

My nephew Tyler just wanted a picture of Spider-man
Can't knock a good thing!

Tyler's went much quicker since he wasn't coming up with a character so I had time to color his with some markers. Super quick sketch.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cobra Convention Jam...

I recently got an email from the guy who put this together. I did my part back in 2009! It's always awesome to see these come together and finished, especially when you're on the front end of the process.

Thought I'd share it will all of you!


I drew Firefly on the far left, I think mine is the only one not colored so it kind of stands out...not necessarily in a good way. hmmm.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hulk Color and variants...

Here is the Hulk piece colored up by Simon Gough who helped out on the project. He did two versions, I preferred the darker one that I'm showing here.


There was another gritty version done by Jeff Simpson who headed the project, I think this was just done for fun on the side.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Incredible Hulk Pencils and Inks...

Here was the final chosen, then pencils and inks turned in. The side turned pose was chosen since the HULK was going to be fighting another character. So it's always a tough pose to show the front of both characters that are fighting each other. You'll always end up with one or both of the character half turned, so the Hulk here gets stuck with not being the front on shot.

HULK - 447

I don't normally go into this much detail when I'm inking a character piece. But at the time I was teaching an anatomy course and this was a good chance to work out the muscle groups more specifically in the underdrawing. 

Original pencil and inked art is on 11x17 comic board. 
Art is available to purchase - $100

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Incredible Hulk art...

Along with the Iron Man art I've recently finished I had to do some Hulk illustrations for the same line of package art. Here are the initial sketches for the illustration

Hulk - 446

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Firestar sketch NYCC...

Here was a sketch that I had drawn for Jeremy Dale's wife, Kelly. She has an awesome little sketchbook full of Firestar sketches from some pretty amazing artists. Whenever you see a sketchbook like that, it's hard not to go the extra mile and try to prove yourself. Especially if you're relatively unknown. When you're at the upper echelon rubbing shoulders with Adam Hughes or J. Scott Campbell, then you can get away with a quick face profile sketch that takes you 2 min. and anyone is happy with that.

 If I tried that...please, I don't even want to think about the judgement that would abound. Being such a huge fan of Jeremy's work, I was more than happy to do a sketch for his very nice wife when she asked. Plus my son is a huge fan of the early 80's Spiderman and his Amazing Friends cartoon and Firestar is one of his favorites as well. So I knew if I did a sketch and printed it off to hang on his wall, I'd get extra points there.

The downside was I only got a quick picture taken of this with my phone, so I had to clean it up a lot, and the resolution was pretty cruddy. But at least I have it to show now.

Firestar - 445

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EDIT: I seriously dont know what I was thinking when I posted this initial blog post calling this character "Fire BIRD"??? Anyway, I know it's Firestar, all I can say is that I'm sleep deprived. That's it.

Thanks to Shane for letting me know, and for not making fun of me toooo much. heh. sigh indeed.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Iron Man Colors...

Here is the last step on the production art for this character. This was for some package art that I worked on recently. Colors by Simon Gough. Doing package art was a fun change of pace from the regular penciled pages of doing comics. First and foremost I enjoy telling stories with my work, but occasionally, it's fun just to draw a cool character too.

Iron Man Colors - 444

As always, you can see how it really comes to life with the color stage. 

Original Line Art Available to purchase
$100- email request

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Iron Man Inks...

After the final sketch was chosen I enlarged the piece and went straight to inks as a time saver. The final piece was done on 11x17 to make sure the details were crisp when reduced to fit on the package art. However, the size reduction also dictated that I don't put too much rendering on the figure. If I went in and made everything look metallic and shiny, then when the art is shrunk down to fit on the package, it could muddy up all the details. Also I knew I'd have Simon Gough on board to color this for me on the project, and he does a fantastic job creating volume with open line art.

Iron Man Inks - 443

Original Art Available to purchase!
11x17 Inked Full character piece

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Iron Man...

A series of Iron Man sketches, this wasn't for a commission, it was actually for a package art project. I can't go into details about the project, but it was certainly fun to do and I got permission to show the artwork.

This first sketch only made it to the break down stage. I have this done in light pencils on 9x12. If you're interested in purchasing this piece I can do the inks on it to finish it for my normal sketch rate.

Iron Man - 442

Current Breakdowns on 9x12
 final inks done with purchase -
$75 email request 

This was a second option for the package art, which they chose to go with, just had a slight adjustment for the final.

Moving the right arm forward for a double-handed repulsor blast for the final piece. This is the sketch that was chosen.

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