Thursday, February 14, 2013

Amazing Spiderman...after McFarlane!

Here was another sketch cover from back at the NYCC comic con. This was a specific request to draw this cover like the now classic Todd McFarlane Spiderman cover. Drawing and recreation cover isn't always the most creatively fulfilling commission, but this is such an iconic image, it was still a very fun commission to do. The crazy thing is when you compare this to the original, I didn't draw NEARLY as many webs in the background as McFarlane did. But of course he was drawing it at 11x17 and I was drawing it on a 6x10 comic cover. It was cool to see when it was all done.

Amazing Spider-man (McFarlane cover recreation) - 464

I even did the little spidey in the upper left hand corner hanging down. My scan got cropped off a bit which is why you don't see his whole hand and the box in the bottom left. It's all there on the sketch.

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