Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I actually went nearly a year without getting a Baroness sketch at a convention.  I do get commonly requested GI JOE characters, Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow and Baroness mostly.  In a very cool way though, the last 3-4 conventions I've had more lesser known Joe characters requested (Airtight, Alpine, SnowJob, the awkward Flint and Shipwreck High-5).

Even with the amount of times he's requested I don't think I could ever get tired of drawing Snake Eyes. I don't think I've ever been very good at drawing girl characters, it's taken a long time and quite a few stumbles along the way to even get to where I'm at. So despite my lack of confidence in drawing the Baroness, I still like to draw her. I think it's because she has such a distinct look that is lots of fun to try and capture her attitude.

Here is a 9x12 sketch of here from the Emerald City Comic Con. I still have a few more to take care of that I'm looking forward to completing!

Baroness - 470

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  1. Love that Baroness piece. Makes me want one even more. That being said, all the commissions I've bought from you have been of girl characters and I think you do a fine job drawing them.

  2. Love the Baroness piece. I was planning on talikng to you at Joecon about a Baroness commision, with a twist, a Vargas style pinup to be used as the basis for the Nose art on a kitplane that I'm building.