Monday, February 18, 2013

Batman Vs Robin...kinda...

This was a sketch in a guy's sketchbook from the Emerald City Comic Con. I've worked on 2-3 sketches for him in the past in various themed sketchbooks of his. It's fun because he almost always has a spin on what would normally be a pretty ordinary sketch.

he asked if I wanted to draw a Batman vs Robin sketch, and I said, "yeah that sounds cool" and genuinely it does. But then he pulled out the reference he wanted.

Now, I'm not familiar with this alternate version of Batman and Robin at all, but still seemed like a cool sketch to do. I had it started and laid out one night at the hotel, but hadn't inked it yet. By the end of the show this was all I'd gotten done before they were kicking us out. But I knew I'd see Jeff and his sketchbook again down in Heroes con this June, so we agreed I could finish the sketch then.  Here's what I have done so far. 

Batman vs Robin - 468

I like the "Batman" helmet, it has a real Judge Dredd look to it.

So check back in June to see the "To be continued..." wrap up. 

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  1. While I didn't read this one, I do know that it is recent and in continuity for DC... it's Damian Wayne and Jason Todd dressing up as new heroes for the element of surprise. "Wingman and Redbird" or something similar.

  2. Batman's helmet kind of reminds me of Azrael Batman mixed with Judge Dredd.