Wednesday, February 13, 2013

GI Joe Awesome...

Usually at least once per convention I'm asked to do an unusual sketch. I don't take any commissions I find too violent or "racey", basically anything that would make me uncomfortable to draw. But I still get the occasional odd ball sketch request.

In this situation it was basically GI JOE's Flint giving Shipwreck a high-5, heh. I wasn't sure how to approach it but just to go all cheese! The request was specific that Polly, Shipwreck's parrot, NEEDED to be in the sketch. So this was the end result done in the guy's convention sketchbook.

High 5 GI JOE style - 463

Now that I'm posting it, I just remembered I was going to draw a bunch of chest hair on Shipwreck...I think I can live without having done that actually.

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  1. My new favourite drawing by you.
    Have you ever drawn Flash Gordon?

  2. No, never drawn Flash Gordon, though I would enjoy it. I dig the character

  3. So, does this mean you'll do my Snakes in Boy George get-up now? (duck and running from Shane)