Saturday, February 16, 2013

Storm Shadow strikes again!...

I think it's obvious to say that GI JOE has been a HUGE part of my career, and a property that I'm passionate about. It was a big part of my childhood, and now luckily an even bigger part of my day to day life. 

It is always a blast going to conventions around the country, because inevitably Joe fans from all over find their way over to my table and we get to talk about GI Joe all day long. Some are fans that followed the IDW published comic books, and some just catch a glimpse of my banner set up behind me with Snake Eyes on it, and that's enough for them to stop and chat.

I just want to say Thanks! to all those Joe fans that make it out to the shows and meet with me. This sketch was done for a guy out at the Emerald City Comic Con last weekend that was a big Storm Shadow fan, and happened to like the redesign I did for IDW. I've posted a lot about Storm Shadow already, so I wont go on and on about how cool he is... Instead I'll just post links of the numerous times I ramble on about his coolness.

(huge Ninja Foot)

(here I talk about my IDW redesign)

See aren't you glad I didn't go on and on about this guy?

Storm Shadow - 466

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