Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More Figure templates...

A while back I posted some basic figure mannequins I drew a long time ago. I recently had to do a few more just to nail down a basic style for a job. I also use these when I go and talk to school kids and do a "Create your own SuperHero" assignment with them . Yesterday I visited a 3rd Grade class in Virden, Illinois, and today I visited Iles Elementary's 1st grade class in Springfield, Illinois. I love getting a chance to share with kids what I do and try to impress on them that if they are interested in the arts, that it's a possible career.

If I  have time after my presentation with the kids,  I do this quick project with them. Having these figure templates helps them get past whether or not they are good "draw-ers" and they can focus on the costume and ideas for the characters.

Each year I go to a number of schools, and often it has become a tradition with certain teachers that I come each year. My wife is an Elementary school teacher, which is partly what got me started doing this, but also what makes me appreciate how much it encourages the students.

Feel free to use these in anyway that you like, creating your own characters, or print them out for your kids to use. With templates like these, you're just limited to your imagination!

Figure Templates - 485

Bruce Timm style (Justice League, Batman Animated series)

More cartoony than my typical style, but fun to change up proportions!

My more natural approach to superhero figures. I leave off the top of the head incase you want to draw some awesome heavy metal hair, or a wicked 90's ponytail on your character.

Here are my older templates so you don't have to go diggin' through my blog to find them. 

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  1. It's so awesome that you do this! I wish I could get you out to my school!