Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ninja Battle Larry Hama style!

At this past convention, someone had a brilliant idea! They got a sketch done with both Larry Hama and myself working on it together.

Real quick for those who don't know Larry Hama created the modern version of GI JOE. It was all him. He came up with the names, the backgrounds the military ranks, everything. He was an artist before he was a writer or editor at Marvel comics back in the 80's. So when you go to a convention you can get an original sketch done at the show by the man who created GI JOE! It's really fantastic. And man, he cranks these sketches out.

I'll never forget sitting next to him at Joe Con in Rhode Island and him berating me the whole show for being too slow with my commissions. He does 5-10 in the time it takes me to do one. I always like hanging out and going to dinner with Larry at the shows, the entire time he tells stories of his past and experiences and it's never boring night.

Anyway, they had Larry start this sketch with Snake Eyes, and I did a Storm Shadow as best as I could to fill the space and make it look like they were interacting. Fun idea, and cool to think I got to work on a piece with Larry.

Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow - 467

It did make me realize why Snake Eyes always wins. I mean he's unloading two uzi's into Storm Shadow's face here, and all Stormy has to defend himself is his sword (luckily it can magically deflect a rapid fire machine gun barrage...ninjas are awesome, what can I say?)

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  1. Should've just drawn Storm Shadow getting swiss cheesed. :)

  2. This is great. Any idea when you'll be able to work on the Beachhead commission? :)

  3. This is amazing! Now I have to urge to have you commission SE getting killed by Storm Shadow!

  4. Very,very cool! I'll have to try and get something from the both of you sometime!