Saturday, February 9, 2013

Power Principle Cover...

Here is a cover I worked up for a book called Power Principle by a good friend Alan White. Some of you might know him by "NewMutant" on twitter and other message boards. He's a great guy and has always supported my work and more importantly laughed at my jokes.

He successfully funded a creator-owned book to be produced and digitally published this last year. This cover is for his book, issue #4. With this being a cover, it's story specific, and he had just given me a description of the characters and what he'd like on the cover. Mostly about the main character protecting him and his daughter from this creepy tentacled monster. I'm looking forward to reading the issue and finding out what this was all about.

I had meant to ink it myself, which is why I kept the finished pencils so loose. I'll often work out the exact finishing details in the inking stage. However, with my current work load, that was looking to be impossible with the time I have available. Luckily, I know and have worked with a great inker, Juan Castro on Snake Eyes this last year. He was able to fit it this cover and I certainly trusted him well enough to ink over my "rough" pencils.

So here are the pencils for the cover, I'll post the inks by Juan Castro and colors by Simon Gough just after this.

Power Principle cover layout and pencils - 459

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