Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Punisher...You know...punishing things....

Here is another commission sketch I recently got done. Inked on 9x12 paper. I'm sure from my GI Joe background my work lends itself to this kind of character especially. I've been on and off a fan of the Punisher. For me it really depends on the creative team. I like the premise of his character and motivation. I think I like it better when he teams up with/fights against other costumed heroes and seeing their reaction to him. At one point, I think I remembered liking it a lot when Frank Castle was confronted by Captain America during the Civil War event. I realized, and it makes since with Frank's military background, that he had an almost reverence for Captain America. Captain was beating on him, but Frank wouldn't fight back. It says a lot about his character. I really dug it.

This is a book I'd like to draw, but it would really depend on the story and writer. I'm not into anything super violent, anything beyond basic shoot 'em up action movie stuff. At times Punisher stories have pushed the limit for what I'd be comfortable working on. So a lot of people say I'd be a good fit for the book, but it would really depend on the story.

When it comes to sketches though, I could do this all day long!

Punisher - 469

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  1. Awesome! I'm like you--I like the Punisher depending on who's writing him. I'm much more of a fan of the cool, methodical, former-soldier Punisher than the psychotic/sociopathic Punisher . . .