Sunday, March 24, 2013

Birds of Prey....

Here's a beautifully colored Birds of Prey piece that Simon Gough and I did together. These are two of my son's and daughter's favorite DC characters, so they really got a kick out of this.

I have a couple of possible projects in the works, so hopefully I'll be able to announce my next long term project soon. Until then, I'm still doing work with NERF and it's new line of guns for their fall 2013 and spring 2014 lines. I'm also doing work on environments on a video game and still banging out these sketches of GI JOE characters for the IDW signature series books. Luckily I can post those sketches, everything else I'm working on I can't show until the product hits shelves.

So it's nice when I can fit in a commission and have Simon color them, it gives me more to share on the blog!

Black Canary and Huntress - 509

Colors by Simon Gough
Pencils and inks by Robert Atkins
This is an example of a full 2 character 
commission with background.

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