Friday, February 22, 2013

Comics Experience website art..

I've been an instructor for the Comics Experience for about 2 and a half years now. It's something I've thoroughly enjoyed. I chose to get a M.F.A. degree through the Savannah College of Art and Design because I wanted to learn how to draw comics, but also because I wanted the credentials to teach collegiately eventually in my career.

With Comics Experience, I've been able to keep up with my comics career and teach while I'm doing it. Best of both worlds!

Comics Experience was created by Andy Schmidt soon after his work at Marvel as an editor. His goal was to create courses to help teach creators the craft of making comics, how to break in and share his experience while in the industry. He had been doing this for a couple years by the time I met him when he became the Senior Editor at IDW and was my boss all through my run on GI JOE and most of Snake Eyes.

The Comics Experience has just introduced a new website including brand new courses! You can check it all out in the links to the site. When I first started teaching there, I was just then instructor for the Introduction to Comic Art class. Since then I've help develop courses and expanded the art curriculum so that now I'm teaching 5 classes:

Intro to Comic Art
Advanced Comic Book Art: Storytelling Masterclass
Advanced Comic Book Art: Pro Penciling Techniques
Introduction to Figure Drawing and Construction
Advanced Figure Drawing and Construction

We have plans to include even more next year!

A lot of my enjoyment from teaching there has been getting to know artists and writers in my classes and helping them get work in the industry. In fact, I just finished drawing a part of the GI JOE annual from IDW that will come out this Spring. That book was written by Paul Allor, who was in one of my classes and a Comics Experience alumni! I'm also drawing Castle for Marvel, which is being colored by Chris Sotomayor, who is also the coloring instructor for Comics Experience.

Part of this new website is a series of new banner art created by fellow comic professionals, Comics Experience staff and alumni. I did drawings for three of the new banners and I thought I'd share them here as well.

Comics Experience Web Banner - Sci-Fi - 481

Final Inks

I'll post the colors by Simon Gough and more banner art over the next couple of days. It was nice to do a variety of genres with these banners. The art pretty large, filling a horizontal 11x17 page. 

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