Friday, March 15, 2013

Frank Color...

Here's a recent sketch I did again that Simon came in and did some great colors on. I love how he's able to really push the depth of the piece by blurring out the background, which bring the Punisher into a clearer focus and pushes him forward. Cool stuff.

Also, post #500, It's been a long time running, but I still enjoy keeping up the blog as much as I can. I'm glad a lot of you have kept checking it even when my schedule got crazy and I wasn't able to post as often. I'll have a huge wave of artwork to show as soon as it hits shelves and I can divulge a lot of what I've been working on the last 6 months or so.

The Punisher - 500

Simon's Colors

My original line art

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  1. I love the wrist tape, great job!

  2. Hey Robert, just thought I'd chime in and congratulate you on 500 posts! I don't always comment but I thought I'd remind you that there are more readers out there!

  3. thanks man! It's been a fun endeavor and I'm glad I started the blog last year. More than anything, I'm surprised at the amount of art that the blog has created.

    Thanks for all the support!