Saturday, March 9, 2013

GI JOE Con commission...

This was a past due commission for someone, and they happened to be at the recent GI JOE con as well. So finally I was able to get this done and to the guy. There are quite a few of you waiting on commissions from me that check out my blog regularly. Thanks, as always, for being so patient. I'm steadily working my way through these. Luckily my schedule isn't bogged down with a regular comic deadline and I'm able to make more progress than I had hoped. I will be able to get to everyone on my list, and hopefully in the next few weeks.

If you have a commission with me, just keep an eye on the blog as I will post up sketch updates, and progress images. If you dont want to see your commission until it's done and you open it in the mail, please let me know and I will wait to post it on my blog until you've received it.

This commission was a very personal request of the person's favorite characters. I think it would actually make for a pretty cool one-shot comic as well. Also an interesting choice for which version of Snake Eyes to use. This costume for him was steeped in 90's design and aesthetics. This was the first time I've drawn the version 4 of the Snake Eyes toys. Fun to do for sure!

Snake Eyes and Gambit (aka the 90's COLLIDE!) - 496

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