Tuesday, March 12, 2013

GI Joe: Flint....

This was a recent commission I did at C2E2 up in Chicago. It was a great show, especially because I was able to have so much family up there visiting with me. My brother, Brian Atkins, a comic artist as well just starting out his career, set up with me at the table. I have another brother that lives in the Chicago area with his family. Then on Fri. my wife, two kids and my parents drove up to stay and come to the show.

The whole experience was quite a bit different than a typical show as a result. I spent much more time walking around the show floor, shopping and showing things to my parents and kids. Generally I'm stuck at the table drawing away or selling prints or books to cover my costs and hopefully make a bit of money for the weekend.

Also, my typical convention is a marathon of drawing without much sleep for 3 days. While I still did quite a bit of drawing each night, I would spend the first few hours playing action figures or watching cartoons with my kids then trying to get them to sleep.

Also, on the trip my friend and collaborator, Quinn Johnson, had stayed with my family the week leading up to the show. We are putting together the series Elders of the RuneStone, that I've talked about on my blog before. With the project successfully funded through Kickstarter, we're currently in production of the first 4 issues. One goal of the convention was to find a possible publisher for the series. We've had a few offers, but wanted to compare deals and hopefully nail down a plan. Luckily we were able to talk with a great company and everything looks like we'll be able to announce our publishing schedule soon!!!

I was able to complete quite a few commissions at the show and I'll be posting those here in the next few days. Starting off with one of my favorite Joe characters...

GI JOE: Flint - 498

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