Monday, March 18, 2013

IDW Signature plates Snake Eyes 1...

IDW is doing limited edition books that collect the GI JOE run I was a part of. The books are high dollar collector items and with each book I'm doing an original art sketch plate. 

There are two levels of books. A black label book will have a single character inked sketch. The Blue label books will have two characters with full marker colored sketches. I'm working through the black label sketches first. I have a number of Snake Eyes that I'm required to do (which I'm always happy to draw SE) So that's cool. Here's a classic V1 Commando Snake Eyes. The sketch plate drawing area is only about 6x9.

I'll post these up as I get them done, I have quite a few left to knock out. 
Also, I should mention that I relied on  3d Joes website for details on many of these sketch plates. If you haven't gone to Carson's site, he's created a 3d turnaround of every 80's released GI JOE figure. It's simply amazing. Here's his site. 

IDW Signature Plate - V2 Snake Eyes - 503

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  1. Great work! Love SE in his commando style moreso than his ninja style.

  2. Oh man! I would love a poster of this!