Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mega Con absence...

Hey all, just  a quick post. I was not able to attend Mega Con this weekend in Orlando as I had hoped. I apologize for all those that have come by my table this weekend. I certainly appreciate your interest, and am sorry I'm not there to sign books or do sketches.

Circumstances here at home kept me from being able to make it and it was a last minute call when I realized I would not be able to come down this year. Again, sorry for the inconvenience, if anyone was expecting to pick up artwork and had been in touch with me before the show, please email me personally and we can work out getting that artwork to you.

Thanks again, and sorry I'm missing out on all the fun.


I do want to post some kind of artwork, so I'll share some concepts on a current project I'm doing with Ted Jacobson. I'll post more as I can, but for those of you that can see the signs you can gather what this might be related to.

Cool stuff!

Jet Concepts - 480
initial concept options

Final design

For Comments and Questions email me at

If you've tried emailing me at that address recently, I've had issues with the email. I'm working that out soon, thanks for your patience!

I will be set up at the upcoming GI JOE Con in Indianapolis, IN April 4th-7th
I will be doing sketches and commissions at the show and have prints and artbooks available. 
I also just got this large 17x33 inch print back from the printer. If you're interested, email me and we can work out the transaction and details.
*the large print is seamless between the separate covers this is just a quick combined scan

The IDW JOE-Verse by Robert Atkins
Shipping Domestically $7, Internationally $15

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