Friday, March 1, 2013

More SuperHero figure templates

I've posted more of these recently. Due to a project I'm working on here are a few more. I need to do a variety of costume designs for a new character and this saves me time in redrawing the whole figure over and over. I can just add the cosmetic details of the uniform, hairstyle, and any props/weapons.

Also, a convention in St. Louis called Project Comic Con is doing a great "Create your own Super hero" activity for kids this year. The night before the con there will be a family oriented get together and kids will have a contest to create a new superhero. Winners of the contest will have their character drawn out by professional artists, including myself!

Jeff Morris, the convention owner and show runner, graciously asked to use my templates for the activity and I was happy to see them put to such good use! Here is more info on the convention, and you can follow the con on Facebook as well.

More Figure Templates - 488

As always, please feel free to use these templates as you like. They are for public use and you do not need to ask my permission to use them. If you use them for an organization or public activity, I would love to hear about it and how the activity went. If you would like suggestions on ways I've used them for children's creative writing assignments and seminars please email me and I can share with you what worksheets and materials I've put together.

Here are the Create-A-Hero worksheets from Project comic con.

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  1. Hey Robert, it's Jeff from PROJECT:Comic Con. The event is actually taking place on Sunday Morning at 11am during the con. Not the night before.

    There WILL be a Pro/Am Sketch Jam the night before, where Professional Artists and Amateur Artists can sit side-by-side and sketch some live models. Parents are welcome to bring their kids to that as the models will be respectably covered...and if they'd like I'll gladly take submissions to the judges during the show.

    Writer/Editor Fabian Nicieza and Artist Phil Jimenez will be judging. And various artists (yourself among them) will be drawing the winning heroes. :) YAY!!

  2. can you do some ninja templates ? that would be awseome .

  3. Robert, Thanks for sharing these. I'm going to be using them in a SpEd class starting out the school year. We are working on getting to know your own strengths, and they will be taking their own personal strengths and creating super heroes based on those strengths.