Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow Job and Scarlett in a tight spot...

This was an interesting commission. Gary Godsoe, co-host of the "What's on Joe Mind?" podcast is the biggest Snow Job fan I think I've ever met.....actually scratch that I KNOW he's the biggest Snow Job fan. He already commissioned me to do a previous Snow Job, but I had mixed it up. He wanted a larger 11x17 and I had accidentally drawn a 9x12. So he commissioned a second this time adding Scarlett to the mix. I was supposed to have this done last year, but like many others I was hit with a work load that's left me spinning.

I was working on this franticly at Joe con back in April, but at the same time I didn't want to rush it just because Gary was there and I could hand it off at that point. So with his blessing I held on to it, worked on it a bit at a time until finally I have it done. Thanks to Gary for being so patient,  this has been one of my favorite Joe commissions so far to work on.

Snow Job and Scarlett - 510

Thanks again to the WOJM podcast for all their support and recognition of my work!!!
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The IDW JOE-Verse by Robert Atkins
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