Thursday, March 28, 2013

Venom - Flash Thompson version...

I had just a fill in few pages in the comic series Venom #20. Luckily it was a group of pages full of action, and some cool superhero shots. I had just wrapped up a run on Snake Eyes, so drawing this character wasn't too far out of my wheelhouse at the time. Since then I've got to do a few Venom sketches or commissions and I realize more an more how much I like this costume of version of him. Fun to do.

This sketch was for Scott Reed, who puts on a 1 day comic show each year down in the small town of Harrisburg, IL. He got in contact with me as he happened to be passing through Springfield, and asked if I'd come to the show. As it happens I was BORN in Harrisburg! Crazy small world. So I'm excited to come down and do the show this August.

Since he was in town he also dropped off his sketchbook and asked that I do a sketch for him in his book. Maybe the lesson learned here is if you want your commission done, just come to my studio and wait for me to finish it. Works everytime.

Venom - 513

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  1. Best Agent Venom sketch.. you should be headlining that book!