Monday, April 22, 2013

Arashikage Commission...

This is a brilliant idea for a commission for any serious GI JOE fan. I've had this one to finish for a very long time, partly because it's such a different kind of commission. In the old Marvel GI JOE series, there was a great panel that was giving some back story to the Arashikage clan and origin stories for Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.

In the telling of the story this photo was drawn into the comics. Specifically mentioning the blurred face  guy in the back row. The great idea for the commission was for this GI JOE fan to have his likeness drawn in for the Faceless Master there in the back row. Just waiting on a final photo to draw his likeness. Fun commission to do for sure. These original ideas are always a blast.

Arashikage - 538

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