Saturday, April 27, 2013

Avengers commission prelim...

I'm juggling 3-4 commissions at the same time. It's basically dependent on what I have time for at the moment. For instance I might be feeling really creative and just want to work out the composition, or sometimes I'm driving in the car while my wife is drawing and I can do this small sketches that lay out a commission.

When I have studio time set aside, but I know I'll be up and down and leaving a lot throughout the time I have allotted, I prefer to do my penciling. It's easy to start and stop that, I don't feel like I need to be in a groove.

Other times I have a full night ahead of me to focus where it's nice and quite and I do my best inking then. I definitely need to be in a groove for my inking, and it helps when I have a solid 6-10 block of time to focus on it until it's done.

So for those following the blog and want to know where you are on my list I'm currently working on Brendan's Ultimate Spiderman/Peter Parker, Dave's Snake Eyes and Serpentor, Ted's Sci-Fi, then Aaron's GI Joe sketchbook! If you're not listed here, but have waited awhile, believe me you're coming right up. I'm doing these in the order I got them, so as long as you might have waited, these guys waited just a bit longer. ;)

Luckily, I have full work days I can devote to these now. This is the break in my schedule I've been hoping for these last few years. It's been a crazy long haul to have been so busy, but this is nice to be finally getting these done and to the people commissioning these!

Avengers Commission Prelim - 543

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