Sunday, April 28, 2013


Here's the big three in the Avengers, more classic costumes. Finally got the inks done on this one.

Next up on my commission list, Inks on Brendan's Ult. Spiderman, and Dave's Snake Eyes! I'll keep posting who's next on the list so you can check my posts and see what's being done and who's on deck for the next commission.

Thanks everyone for being so supportive and patient. I'm excited about being able to get through these finally!

Avengers - 544

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  1. Robert, My name isn't listed, but over 2 weeks ago you said my Beachhead piece was laid out and you were going to do finishes and ship the 2 pieces out. I'm a little confused here...

    1. The Beachhead piece is done along with the Superman piece. They are all packed up, just not mailed yet. :)

    2. Cool. Any chance of seeing a scan of the Beachhead?