Saturday, April 6, 2013

Battle of the Lanterns...

This was an interesting sketch cover I worked on. It was completely blank, without a logo. This was a Green Lantern book, so it made sense to have these characters on it, and I didn't have to worry about drawing around the logo. At the same time, you don't know what's inside the book either, so I'm not sure if I prefer this kind or not.

The characters play a huge part of the last 6-7 years of Green Lantern, and even more so in recent years. Geoff Johns' run on Green Lantern did such an amazing job of expanding and explaining the Green Lantern corner of the DC Universe.  It's what got me reading DC comics again. I've had a chance to draw Bleeze before, the succubus type character with the bone wings.

But I've never drawn the equally creepy Karu Sil, the yellow lantern without any lips and controls yellow constructs of these alien-doglike creatures.

Red Lantern Bleeze vs Yellow Lanter Karu Sil - 522

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